21 September 2009

Super Ordinary

This is a film by Ben Murray and Rory Matheson. I was asked to be involved with because I "fitted the part" (in other words it was generally felt that I would look hilarious in purple spandex and yellow pants). I did - the film was a success.

It was shot for the super8 competition so everything was done in one take with no editing.

The Art of Being Lost

I did a travel blog describing my journey through China, Thailand, Fiji, Peru, Bolivia and various other wonderful places which you can find here. You can see my drawings if you click on Photos.


I wrote everything in internet cafes so excuse the spelling mistakes.

8 September 2009

London to Brighton

I sit on the train
with a pad
and a pen
a book of poems,
it must look like I'm
because the guard walks past and says
"It's an exciting life isn't it?"
I think
he expects me to
in the negative
with a similar sense of
but I agree!
It is
an exciting life.
I'm excited about where
I'm going
even if you're not.
put a hole in my ticket
I'll use that