2 July 2008

A poem

Time Lines

Granny’s only forty but she’s already had a heart attack,

Another on the way and I wonder if she knows it,

Footsteps will be followed all the way to the end,

Filling shoes that are handed down,

Indifferent because they will never be yours,

Dreams that are lost before they are realised,

Young eyes see clearer than the clouded young mind,

Frustrated elders watching the lost youth,

Decision makers, time takers – who is really happiest?


messytimbo said...

everyone’s getting deep on the poetry at the moment.

i don't really read much coz i find it hard to decipher. i like bukowski because he don't mince his words and he's clear in his rawness.

But i think i kinda understand what your getting at. the social social decline of our youth?

As prince would say it's a "sign O the times"

were not born corrupted, but in this day and age we are exposed to a lot of shit we shouldn't be from an early age, and that corruption that is nearly inevitable in later life is hitting malleable young minds earlier and earlier.

“In September my cousin tried reefer 4 the very first time
Now he’s doing horse, it’s June”

Steve Stamp said...

I'm no Le Hornet...

Yeah its definitely about social decline. Its about a lack of control aswell. The inevitability of our actions and the way they are dictated for us. I was trying to play with the idea that different generations blame each other for what their lives have become. Ya get me.